About us LawPlus.


LawPlus specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for investors, business and individual clients. LawPlus’s advantage is dedicated, experienced, professional lawyers.and experts, and, we are all qualified.and licensed practice in Vietnam. We always satisfy customers by flexible solutions timely, feasibly based on fundamental legal background. About us LawPlus.

LawPlus has the strength on the needs of investors.when doing business in Vietnam.related to investment conditions and procedures; establishment and structure.of an enterprise; mergers and acquisitions; legal service for.projects; legal risk control and management setup; registration, management.and protection of intellectual property; updating and consulting.new legislation; labor issues; tax; and trading.issues; and in-house legal services. We provide a comprehensive legal service package.from company setup and throughout the operation of company to help investors.focus on doing business aspect in Vietnam, we take care of.the rest. In particular, LawPlus offers legal counsel on solar energy, dispute resolution, civil affairs, land, inheritance, family marriage.and other legal issues for individual clients.

With the motto “All for the benefit of customers on the basis of respecting the law of Vietnam”, LawPlus is committed to.providing clients satisfaction with our services.  About us LawPlus.

VISION About us LawPlus

Reputable law firm on investment and commerce in Vietnam. 

MISSION About us LawPlus.

Being a reliable legal partner of investors, businesses and individuals in Vietnam.

CORE VALUES About us LawPlus.

Integrity: do what we say, say the right thing and do the right thing.

Professionalism: being agile and scientific working style, mastering.professional knowledge and always complying to the code of conducts.

Effectiveness: always consistent in mind-spirit – act.with the spirit of “can-do attitude” to bring the highest efficiency.


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Lawyer Phan Hong Khai Minh is a lawyer of the Ho Chi Minh Bar Association, with full practice certificate.and more than 15 years of experience in the position.of head of the legal department of Vietnam’s corporations.

Lawyer Phan Hong Khai Minh is a legal expert for all business.operations (contracts, labor, intellectual property, investment, M&A, restructuring, franchising …). In particular, with the depth of experience in the practice.of the business, Lawyer Phan Hong Khai Minh has strength in building legal risk management.system, helping businesses proactively identify and effectively manage legal risks related to its operations.

Lawyer Phan Hong Khai Minh is currently the Chairwoman of the Board of Members.of LawPlus, who leads.and directs all activities of the Company.

Email: minhphan@lawplus.vn


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Lawyer Pham Thi Thanh Loan is a lawyer of the Ho Chi Minh Bar Association, with.full practice certificate and more than 10 years of experience working.in top corporations in Vietnam.

Lawyer Pham Thi Thanh Loan is a legal consultant for all areas of business activities. She is strong in the foreign investment sector and solar energy sector in Vietnam.

Currently, Lawyer Pham Thi Thanh Loan is the Director.of LawPlus, who runs the operations of the Company.

Email: loanpham@lawplus.vn

And our team of attorneys and experienced experts in human resource solutions, tax and accounting.