About us LawPlus.



LawPlus specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for investors, businesses, and individuals. Legal services shall be performed by LawPlus’s affiliated law firm, LP Int. (collectively, “LawPlus“).The advantage of LawPlus is our team of lawyers and experts who are fully licensed to practice law in Vietnam according to regulations, highly professional, experienced, and dedicated. We meet the needs of clients by providing flexible, timely, and compliant solutions with Vietnam’s legal regulations.


LawPlus has strengths in fields of foreign investment in Vietnam, support for licenses, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, legal risk assessment and control, intellectual property protection, labor issues, commercial transactions, resolving legal issues and disputes, legal advice on solar energy, real estate, inheritance, marriage, and divorce, updating and advising on laws. In particular, we provide a Private Lawyer service for businesses and individuals, where our lawyers will advise, assess legal issues, handle cases, and work with relevant state agencies on all legal matters of our clients.


For foreign investors in Vietnam, we provide a full range of legal services, from initial consultation for business plans in Vietnam with suitable models, regulations, and conditions related to the investor’s business line in Vietnam, legal assessment of target companies in M&A transactions, advising on issues related to location for headquarter and/or factory, project and legal entity establishment procedures, necessary certificates, visa, work permit, temporary and permanent residency permits, tax and payroll services for the initial and subsequent operation of the business. With this service package, the investors can be assured that all legal aspects in Vietnam are covered by LawPlus, saving a lot of time and costs, and making convenience for their effective investment.


VISION About us LawPlus

Reputable law firm on investment and commerce in Vietnam. 

MISSION About us LawPlus.

Being a reliable legal partner of investors, businesses and individuals in Vietnam.

CORE VALUES About us LawPlus.

  • Integrity: do what we say, say the right thing and do the right thing.
  • Professionalism: being agile and scientific working style, mastering.professional knowledge and always complying to the code of conducts.
  • Effectiveness: always consistent in mind-spirit – act.with the spirit of “can-do attitude” to bring the highest efficiency.


With the motto “All for the benefit of clients on the basis of respecting the law of Vietnam”, LawPlus brings convenience and satisfaction to clients through our services. We are here to ensure the success of our clients because we believe that the success of our clients is our own success.