inhouse legal services


Nowadays, business is run in an increasingly competitive environment. Business has to face a series of risks hidden in its operation, and mostly related to legal issues. Therefore, a safe and sustainable business enterprise has to control their legal risk. The need for having a team of experienced lawyers for timely supporting to the business activities is more urgent and necessary than ever.

Many businesses have set up an internal legal department to control legal risk. However, in order to be able to maintain such team of lawyers require a lot of cost. Besides, due to their turn over and technique limitations, sometimes, the business must use external legal services as well. So, how to get a team of experienced and qualified lawyers, without worry about turn over risk, professional diversity, fully responsible for their legal opinions provided to the business as well as cost optimization?

Understanding the Customer’s need, Law Plus provides an Internal legal package that allows businesses to use Law Plus’s lawyers to provide regular legal advice, to check and control business’s legal risk in a comprehensive way. The scope of services including:

  1. Reviewing/ checking contracts, agreements;
  2. Solving labor issues or conflicts.
  3. Building contract templates and train to apply these template.
  4. Advise on solving unusual issues in the business operations;
  5. Advising and registering the necessary licenses for the business;
  6. Advise on building and reviewing all legal documentations, business policies;
  7. Advising, registering and managing intellectual property inside and outside the country;
  8. Provide legal update for the operation of the business;
  9. Periodic legal training for enterprises;
  10. Advice on building the enterprise legal risk control system (build the necessary mechanisms to identifying the risks, the necessary actions and how to manage the legal risks effectively).
  11. Consultation on settling disputes, participating in litigation;
  12. Project legal consultancy, M & A and other specialized consultancy for business leaders;

Law Plus offers service packages with different level of participation in the business for Customers to choose the suitable service package. For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email