Vietnam is an active investment hub.which attracts a lot of foreign investors recently. Even though Vietnam has joined WTO and signed many conventions.with other countries, but currently, Vietnam legal.environment is not really easy to apply for foreign investors. That’s why investors have been worrying about when investing into Vietnam.

LawPlus deals with all your hassles by global business knowledge.and local legal practice. Our team assists you through out all investment periods, separately or totally.

Our legal services for investment includes:

  1. Consulting, forming effective legal structure of transactions, business lines;
  2. New set up licenses for business representative in Vietnam: representative office, branch, joint venture.or 100% foreign owned company;
  3. All licenses for your business.
  4. Supporting clients in assessing potential clients’ business partners, location;
  5. Doing LDD of potential clients’ business partners or target property (M&A).
  6. In-house legal services for companies or foreign business representatives in Vietnam. 
  7. Review or compose the Charter, internal labor rules.and other legal documents in accordance with the law;
  8. Consulting, building templates, negotiating contracts and agreements;
  9. Solving labor, commercial disputes or litigations;
  10. Regular consulting package for businesses;
  11. Business administrative services (please see more in “Tax, Accounting and HR”).

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email