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Law Plus provides legal consulting services via hotline +84 2862 779 399 or via email info@lawplus.vn or directly counsel services. All problems related to business, commerce, investment, employment, energy, intellectual property, marriage and family, inheritance, nationality…shall have respectively solution.   

1. How to contact us

For.whom refers to phone call:  please contact us via hotline +84 2862 779 399.

For whom refers to email: please email to info@lawplus.vn.

For whom.refers to meet our lawyers at Law Plus’s office: please visit us at 86 Xuan Thuy street, Thao Dien ward, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

For whom refers to meet our lawyers at your office: please contact to us via phone number or email to us for arrangement.

2. How to book a meeting with us

To book a meeting with our lawyers, please contacts us through hotline +84 2862 779 399  or sending a email to  info@lawplus.vn or you can set a meeting schedule through our website https://lawplus.vn/vi/.

3. Our service scope:

Law Plus, with a reputable and experienced lawyer team, shall provide a national wide legal consulting services related to:

a) Inhouse Lawyer

Nowadays, business is run in an increasingly competitive environment. Business has to face a series of risks hidden in its operation, and mostly related to legal issues. Therefore, a safe and sustainable business enterprise has to control their legal risk. The need for having a team of experienced lawyers for timely supporting to the business activities is more urgent and necessary than ever.

Many businesses have set up an internal legal department to control legal risk. However, in order to be able to maintain such team of lawyers require a lot of cost. Besides, due to their turn over and technique limitations, sometimes, the business must use external legal services as well. So, how to get a team of experienced and qualified lawyers, without worry about turn over risk, professional diversity, fully responsible for their legal opinions provided to the business as well as cost optimization?

Understanding the Customer’s need, Law Plus provides an Internal legal package that allows businesses to use Law Plus’s lawyers to provide regular legal advice, to check and control business’s legal risk in a comprehensive way. The scope of services including:
  1. Reviewing/ checking contracts, agreements;
  2. Solving labor issues or conflicts.
  3. Building contract templates and train to apply these template.
  4. Advise on solving unusual issues in the business operations;
  5. Advising and registering the necessary licenses for the business;
  6. Advise on building and reviewing all legal documentations, business policies;
  7. Advising, registering and managing intellectual property inside and outside the country;
  8. Provide legal update for the operation of the business;
  9. Periodic legal training for enterprises;
  10. Advice on building the enterprise legal risk control system (build the necessary mechanisms to identifying the risks, the necessary actions and how to manage the legal risks effectively).
  11. Consultation on settling disputes, participating in litigation;
  12. Project legal consultancy, M & A and other specialized consultancy for business leaders;

Law Plus offers service packages with different level of participation in the business for Customers to choose the suitable service package. For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

b) Solar Energy

Solar energy is an area currently facilitated by the Government with many open mechanisms to encourage the development of the solar energy system. This current mechanism has diversified methods of selling electricity for individuals and organizations wishing to use and selling electricity to Vietnam Electricity (EVN) at prices regulated by the Government. However, in practice, this is still a relatively new industry for both authorities and investors, so the implementation is still inadequate. Therefore, the investors have to keep intelligently grasp and apply policies to bring about the highest efficiency. In addition, the establishment of related transactions, the mandatory provisions of the law for each transaction, the necessary licenses and conditions to operate are also major issues that investors need to consider.

LawPlus has a lot of experience in consulting, constructing contracts, and participating in transactions with partners in developing solar power systems, especially rooftop solar power systems. We understand the key points and the legality involved, as well as the licenses required to implement the project. We are committed to accompany investors to deploy the project smoothly and effectively.

LawPlus provides the following services:

  1. Legal consulting and verifying in the stage of project preparation and implementation;
  2. Drafting,checking, and negotiating related contracts;
  3. Consult, apply for the necessary permits/licenses/certificates;
  4. Consulting, handling legal issues and participating in working with stakeholders;
  5. Support working with government agencies and EVN;

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

c) Investment

Vietnam is an active investment hub which attracts a lot of foreign investors recently. Even though Vietnam has joined WTO and signed many conventions with other countries, but currently, Vietnam legal environment is not really easy to apply for foreign investors. That’s why investors have been worrying about when investing into Vietnam.

LawPlus deals with all your hassles by global business knowledge and local legal practice. Our team assists you through out all investment periods, separately or totally, including:
  1. Consulting, forming effective legal structure of transactions, business lines;
  2. New set up licenses for business representative in Vietnam: representative office, branch, joint venture or 100% foreign owned company;
  3. All licenses for your business.
  4. Supporting clients in assessing potential clients’ business partners, business lines, location;
  5. Doing LDD of potential clients’ business partners or target property (M&A).
  6. In-house legal services for companies or foreign business representatives in Vietnam. 
  7. Review or compose the Charter, internal labor rules and other legal documents in accordance with the law;
  8. Consulting, building templates, negotiating contracts and agreements;
  9. Solving labor, commercial disputes or litigations;
  10. Regular consulting package for businesses;
  11. Business administrative services (please see more in “Tax, Accounting and HR”).

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

d) Licenses and Certificates

LawPlus supports clients with the licenses required for their business, especially:

  1. Business registration for company, branches, representative office, business location;
  2. Investment Certificates;
  3. Trading license for foreign owned companies (right to export, import, distribution, commercial intermediary services, e-commerce …);
  4. License to setup a retail outlet for foreign owned companies;
  5. Work permit, work permit exemption, TRC, PRC;
  6. Electricity licenses;
  7. Game licenses G1, G2, G3;
  8. Tourist licenses;
  9. Certificate of establishment of eligibility for food safety;
  10. License. for mass production of alcohol;
  11. License. for mass production of alcohol for re-preparation;
  12. License for home production of alcohol;
  13. Alcohol wholesales, retail license;
  14. License for.sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption;
  15. License. to trade in tobacco;
  16. License for.tobacco wholesaling;
  17. License for tobacco retailing;
  18. Register / Announce e-commerce website;

And other necessary licenses and certificates for investment and business activities of the enterprise.

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

e) Employment

Law Plus’s professional team has, not only knowledgeable about employment law, but also on internal operation of a business. We also has many years of experience working with clients in a professional business environment which will bring an assurance and trust to clients.

We provide the following services to clients:

  1. Labour dispute and litigations;
  2. Reviewing employee internal regulations such as: internal labor rules, collective labor agreements, labor contracts, confidential and non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property rights agreements, performance policiy, employment termination agreements and other templates.
  3. Reviewing or composing the labor processes, including but not limited to the process of signing, modifying and terminating labor contracts, process of labor discipline;
  4. Advising on labor discipline;
  5. Work permits, work permit exemptions;
  6. Advising on labor restructuring projects;
  7. Assess and evaluate the compliance of the labor laws of the enterprise.
  8. Labor code training.
  9. Human Resource Services (C&B) package for newly established enterprises.

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

f) Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights means rights of an organization or individual to intellectual assets comprising (i) copyright to works created or owns and copyright related rights to performances, audio and visual fixation, and broadcasts and satellite signals carrying coded programmes, (ii) industrial property rights and rights to inventions, industrial designs, designs of semi-conducting closed circuits, trade secrets, marks, trade names and geographical indications which such organization or individual created or owns, and the right to prevent unfair competition, and (iii) rights to new plant varieties has selected and created, discovered and developed, or owns.

We provide services related to protection of intellectual property for individuals and organizations, including:
  1. Look up/cross-check information of trademarks, industrial designs;
  2. Consultancy and registration of protection of trade name;
  3. Consultancy.and registration of protection of logo;
  4. Consultancy.and.registration of protection of trademarks;
  5. Consultancy and registration.of protection of industrial designs;
  6. Consultancy and.registration of protection of inventions;
  7. Consultancy.and registration of copyright and related rights;
  8. Consultancy and registration.of protection of plant variety;
  9. Franchising and licensing;
  10. Advice on application complaints handling;
  11. Consulting, reviewing and handling infringements and unfair competition.

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

g) Merger and Acquisition

In recent years, besides direct and indirect investment into Vietnam, merger and acquisition (M&A) investment is becoming a potential trend. M&A transactions are constantly increasing between domestic and foreign partners, with the size and value of the deal is growing. Each M&A deal is a complex and prolonged process that involves economics, finance, labor, land and legal issues, in which the role of legal counsel is the most important for any M&A deals.

With the strength of information and market approach, legal knowledge, a team of experienced consultants and a network of reputable partners in auditing, finance and valuation, Law Plus has successfully promoted and advised on M&A deals in Vietnam. We provide consultancy and support to M&A participants in all stages of the process. M&A consultancy activities that Law Plus provides including

M&A Enterprise:
  1. Advising.and supporting investors in selecting target enterprises (for the buyer) or shareholders, strategic partners (for the seller).
  2. Advising on legal due diligence of the target company;
  3. Advising.on M&A methods in accordance with the laws;
  4. Consultancy and support for the development and implementation of the Offer plan (for the seller) and Acquisition plan (for the buyer) based on assessing and analyzing information on policies, laws and relevant market;
  5. Advise and support the enterprise and asset valuation subjected to M&A deal;
  6. Consulting, supporting contract negotiation, M&A agreement (enterprise purchase contract, share transfer contract, capital contribution, enterprise asset sale contract);
  7. Advise and support the legal procedures for conducting M&A transactions (registration of business operations, registration of M&A activities at the competent authorities, including notification / permission procedures at the competition administration department);
  8. Consultancy on restructuring, re-arrangement and deployment business operation after M&A transaction;
  9. Advising on financial obligations and other legal procedures related to M&A transactions;
M&A Project:
  1. Consult and assist the investor to select the target project (for the buyer) or strategic partner (for the seller);
  2. Consultant to prepare the Legal Due Diligence Report of the project and Business Plan / Report on Investment Analysis;
  3. Advising on M&A methods in accordance with the law (trading/ transferring projects/shares, co-operating in investment projects …);
  4. Consultancy and support for the development and implementation of the Offer plan (for the seller) and Acquisition plan (for the buyer) on the project;
  5. Consulting, supporting the M&A contract negotiation;
  6. Consultancy, support legal procedures related to M&A projects (change of the investment project registration, change of the business registration after M&A ..)
  7. Advice on financial obligations and other legal procedures related to M&A transaction.

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

i) Tax, Accounting, Human Resource

We maintain tax, accounting, human resource consulting services with experienced staff and partners to provide value-added services to small and medium-sized businesses, with the desire to create an environment comprehensive business, where investors come to Vietnam just need to focus on ideas and implement business projects.

Law Plus will implement and resolve issues related to law, relationships with state agencies, procedures related to taxes, accounting books, human resources, and labor of enterprises, including:
  1. Consulting tax issues, accounting, human resources;
  2. Initial tax registration, online tax declaration registration, online tax payment registration;
  3. Register electronic invoices (e-invoice); issuing electronic invoices;
  4. Open a bank account;
  5. Track and record accounting books;
  6. Financial report;
  7. Make tax returns, tax reports;
  8. Prepare audit records;
  9. Payroll; insurrance; PIT;
  10. First registration service of insurance (social insurance, health insurance, accident insurance);
  11. Register and declare an increase or decrease in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance;
  12. Make reports related to compulsory labor in accordance with the law.
  13. Working with labor management agencies, insurance agencies, tax authorities;

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

j) Marriage and Family

To protect interests of clients relating to marriage and family, we provide services to our clients as follow:

  1. Counseling on marriage and divorce procedures;
  2. Contract for pre-marriage;
  3. Conditions and procedures for marriage involving foreigner;
  4. Conditions, procedures for divorce; property and child division; and child support;
  5. Consulting on the property of husband and wife, common property and debt, division of common property during the marriage period, private property and debt;
  6. Request for recognition of consent for divorce, child raising, division of property upon the divorce;
  7. Request for recognition of an agreement on change of custodial parent after divorce;
  8. Procedures for child adoption / termination of child adoption;
  9. Request for to cancel illegal marriage;
  10. Request for limiting the rights of father and / or mother to their child, or limiting the right to visit child after their divorce;
  11. Nationality for child;

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

k) Inheritance

To protect the interests of clients for the division of inherited property, we provide our clients with services including:

  1. consultancy on the general provisions of inheritance law;
  2. composing will;
  3. payment and division of inheritance based on the will or the laws;
  4. inheritance proceedings.

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

g) Real Estate

Services related to real estate that LawPlus offers:

  1. Buy, sell, lease, sublease land, housing;
  2. Lease, lease purchase transactions of office, complex building;
  3. Real estate for foreigners;
  4. Transaction consulting, making contracts;
  5. Consulting and handling related to disputes;

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

h) Dispute And Litigation

Law Plus handles all dispute and litigation in Vietnam related to commerce and civil matters, including:

  1. Labour disputes between employer and employee;
  2. Contracts dispute;
  3. Disputes on cooperation among members / shareholders of the company;
  4. Disputes.over rights and inheritance;
  5. Disputes over division of assets during the marriage period, upon divorce;
  6. Disputes.over land and house;
  7. Intellectual property right disputes;
  8. Compensation for non-contractual damages;

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email info@lawplus.vn.

4. Why Us

Law Plus specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for investors, business and individual clients. Law Plus’s advantage is dedicated, experienced, professional lawyers and experts, and, we are all qualified and licensed practice in Vietnam. We always satisfy customers by flexible solutions timely, feasibly based on fundamental legal background.

Law Plus has the strength on the needs of investors when doing business in Vietnam. We provide a comprehensive legal service package from company setup and throughout the operation of company to help investors focus on doing business aspect in Vietnam, we take care of the rest.

Law Plus also offers counseling, dispute resolution, civil affairs, land, inheritance, family marriage and other legal issues for individual clients.

Specially, Law Plus provides a private attorney services, family attorney for customers in need.

With the motto “All for the benefit of customers on the basis of respecting the law of Vietnam”, Law Plus is committed to providing clients satisfaction with our services.

We are honored to serve you. Your success is our goal!

Warm regards,


Law Plus 




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