licenses in vietnam


LawPlus supports clients with the licenses required for their business, especially:

  1. Business registration for company, branches, representative office, business location;
  2. Investment Certificates;
  3. Trading license for foreign owned companies (right to export, import, distribution, commercial intermediary services, e-commerce …);
  4. License to setup a retail outlet for foreign owned companies;
  5. Work permit, work permit exemption, TRC, PRC;
  6. Electricity licenses;
  7. Game licenses G1, G2, G3;
  8. Tourist licenses;
  9. Certificate of establishment of eligibility for food safety;
  10. License for mass production of alcohol;
  11. License for mass production of alcohol for re-preparation;
  12. License for home production of alcohol;
  13. Alcohol wholesales, retail license;
  14. License for sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption;
  15. License to trade in tobacco;
  16. License for tobacco wholesaling;
  17. License for tobacco retailing;
  18. Register / Announce e-commerce website;

And other necessary licenses and certificates for investment and business activities of the enterprise.

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