Marriage and Family


To protect interests of clients relating to marriage and family, we provide services to our clients as follow:

  1. Counseling on marriage and divorce procedures;
  2. Contract for pre-marriage;
  3. Conditions and procedures for marriage involving foreigner;
  4. Conditions, procedures for divorce; property and child division; and child support;
  5. Consulting on the property of husband and wife, common property and debt, division of common property during the marriage period, private property and debt;
  6. Request for recognition of consent for divorce, child raising, division of property upon the divorce;
  7. Request for recognition of an agreement on change of custodial parent after divorce;
  8. Procedures for child adoption / termination of child adoption;
  9. Request for to cancel illegal marriage;
  10. Request for limiting the rights of father and / or mother to their child, or limiting the right to visit child after their divorce;
  11. Nationality for child;

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email