solar energy


Solar energy is an area currently facilitated by the Government.with many open mechanisms to encourage the development of the solar energy system. This current mechanism has diversified methods of selling electricity for individuals.and organizations wishing to use and selling electricity to Vietnam Electricity (EVN) at prices regulated by the Government. However, in practice, this is still a relatively new industry for both authorities.and investors, so the implementation is still inadequate. Therefore, the investors have to keep intelligently grasp and apply policies to bring about the highest efficiency. In addition, the establishment of related transactions, the mandatory provisions of the law.for each transaction, the necessary licenses.and conditions to operate are also major issues that investors need to consider.

LawPlus has a lot of experience in consulting, constructing contracts, and participating in transactions.with partners in developing solar power systems, especially rooftop solar power systems. We understand the key points and the legality involved,.as well as the licenses required to implement the project. We are committed to accompany investors to deploy the project smoothly and effectively.

LawPlus provides the following services:

  1. Legal consulting and verifying in the stage of project preparation and implementation;
  2. Drafting,checking, and negotiating related contracts;
  3. Consult, apply for the necessary permits/licenses/certificates;
  4. Consulting, handling legal issues and participating in working with stakeholders;
  5. Support working with government agencies and EVN;

For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email