1. Non-residents make bank transfer to other non-residents in foreign currency.
2. Non-residents are allowed to write fee in contracts in foreign currency and pay for export goods and services in foreign currency by bank transfer for residents.
3. Residents are allowed to make quotations in foreign currency or receive payments in foreign currency by bank transfer when they supply goods and services for non-residents.

In addition, State Bank has just issued a circular stipulating some more cases which are allowed to foreign exchange in Vietnam (which comes in to force from May 13, 2019)
4. Foreign investors can make a deposit, Escrow deposit in foreign currency by bank transfer when participating in an auction in the following cases:
(i) purchasing shares of State-owned enterprises which are equitized;
(ii) purchasing shares, stakes of the State in the State-owned enterprises, enterprises having State capital who are in state capital divestment process;
(iii) purchasing shares, stakes which owned by State-owned enterprises who invested in other enterprises that are in capital divestment process.

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