If you are looking to import wine to Vietnam, you should follow regulations on imported wine and consult with a specialist before starting your business. Having a wine distribution license is obligatory to stay away from legal consequences. 

There are certain requirements and procedures that need to comply with, for your liquor trading business. Without a proper commencement, financial penalties are applied in such case.

Requirements for wholesaling of alcohol and wine distribution

  • The enterprise distributing alcohol (alcohol distributor) shall be established according to regulations of law.
  • The alcohol distributor shall be entitled to use a warehouse or warehouse network with the total floor area of at least 150m2.
  • Expected alcohol for sale shall satisfy food safety requirements.
  • The alcohol distribution network shall be available in at least 2 provinces/central-affiliated cities; in each province/central-affiliated city, there shall be at least an alcohol wholesaler.
  • A written reference or an agreement in principle shall be made by another alcohol producer, distributor, or a foreign alcohol supplier.
  • All requirements for fire and environmental safety shall be satisfied.

Procedures for licenses for wholesaling of alcohol and wine distribution

Step 1: Prepare documents for alcohol wholesaler registration. A set of application for the license for alcohol distribution shall include:

  • A completed application form provided in the specimen No. 1 attached hereto.
  • A copy of the enterprise registration certificate or equivalent legal documents.
  • A copy of the lease/borrowing agreement or documents proving legitimate use rights to an expected warehouse, alcohol retail store, and premises to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption (if any).
  • A copy of the note of the declaration of conformity or the written confirmation of the declaration of food safety (if types of alcohol are not regulated by technical regulations) for expected alcoholic drinks for sale.
  • A copy of the agreement in principle, written confirmation or written commitment of participating in the alcohol distribution network made by the alcohol wholesaler; a copy of the license for alcohol wholesaling of the wholesaler intends to participate in the distribution network of the applicant.

 Documents related to the alcohol supplier:

  • A copy of the written reference or the agreement in principle made by another alcohol producer, distributor or a foreign alcohol supplier specified expected alcohol for sale in line with the operation of the alcohol supplier;
  • A copy of the license for alcohol production/distribution if the alcohol supplier is a domestic one.
  • A written commitment made by the alcohol distributor specified the compliance with all requirements for fire and environmental safety according to regulations of law at the headquarters, store/premises, and warehouse.

Step 2: Submit your application to the licensing authority.

Within 15 days from the day on which the valid application is received, the licensing authority shall consider processing and granting the license to the applicant. If the application is rejected, the licensing authority shall provide the applicant with a written explanation.

If the application is invalid, the licensing authority shall send a written request for additional documents to the applicant within 3 days from the day on which the application is received.

** Legal grounds: Decree 105/2017/ND-CP trade on alcohol

Note: The content of advice and legal provisions referenced in the article is at the time of consulting and may no longer be effective at the time readers read this article. Therefore, for detailed advice and implementation support, please contact Law Plus via email info@lawplus.vn or phone number +84 2862 779399.


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