Trading tobacco is conditional business. This is the business aspect being minimized by Vietnam and other countries because the harm of medicine is on human health. However, due to high profit and consumption, traders still choose and trade this product. . Accordingly, organizations and individuals wishing to conduct business activities related to this product need to meet all the conditions as prescribed by law to conduct cigarette trading. Therefore, a license to buy and sell cigarettes is a compulsory requirement for organizations and individuals engaged in cigarette trading activities in general, and cigarette retailing organizations in particular. Together with Law Plus, let’s learn about the conditions and order to apply for retail drug licensing in Vietnam.

Business conditions

  • Traders that have registered tobacco product retail business;
  • Business locations that do not violate the regulations on places not to sell cigarettes.
  • There is a written introduction of the cigarette product distributors or wholesalers clearly stating the area where they are expected to do business;


Step 1: Prepare a dossier of application for a tobacco retail license

– The retailer of tobacco products sends 01 set of documents to the Chamber of Industry and Trade – People Committee of District/Village. Prepare all papers in accordance with current law.

Step 2: Submit application for tobacco retail license

Traders wholesaling tobacco products directly or authorizing Law Plus lawyers to send them directly or by post to the Chamber of Industry and Trade.

When filing, the administrative procedures pay fees as prescribed by law.

Step 3: Processing the proposal

The Chamber of Industry and Trade checks the composition and legality of the application.

In case of insufficient valid documents, within 07 working days from the date of receiving traders’ dossiers, the Industry and Trade Department shall request in writing the traders to supplement the dossiers.

Within 15 working days after receiving a complete and valid dossier, the Chamber of Industry and Trade shall consider and grant a retail tobacco product license. In case the trader does not meet the prescribed conditions, the Chamber of Industry and Trade will issue a written reply refusing the license and clearly stating the reason.

The application for a license includes:

  • An application for a tobacco product retail license; Application form for a License to retail tobacco products
  • Copy of certificate of business registration or certificate of business registration and certificate of tax code;
  • A copy of the introductory documents of the tobacco product distributors or wholesale traders clearly stating the proposed business locations;

Legal basis:

  • Law 09/2012 / QH13
  • Decree 67/2013 / ND-CP
  • Circular 21/2013 / TT-BCT
  • Decree 08/2018 / ND-CP


Above are some provisions of the law on dossiers of conditions, and procedures for applying for retail licenses of tobacco products. If you would like to know more details, please contact Law Plus.

Note: The content of advice and the legal provisions referenced in the article are at the time of consultation and may no longer be effective at the time readers read this article. Therefore, for detailed advice and implementation support, please contact Law Plus via or phone +842862779399




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