My group include engineers who write some apps for phones, then sell them on online stores of Google and Apple. We want to establish a enterprise to develop and expand operations, please consulting and carry out procedures for us. Thank you.


Thank you very much for sending your questions to the Editorial Department – Online Consulting Department of Law Plus. We would like to answer your questions as follow:

1. Form of business

You can choose limited liability Enterprise (from 1 to 50 members) or joint-stock enterprise (at least 3 shareholders) or partnership. For starting up in technology field with an orientation to expand capital, you should choose joint stock Enterprise to be more convenient in the next round funding (if any) such as: valuation of shares can be made each time.

2. Charter capital

No minimum charter capital is specified. time limit for making capital contribution: 90 days from the date of being issued the Certificate of Business registration Capital can be contributed by cash / bank transfer or other assets.

3. Necessary steps

  • Clients provide information base on Law Plus’s form.
  • Law Plus prepare establishment dossier and send to clients to sign.
  • Law Plus works with the competent authority to submit the application and follow until having business registration certificate.

4. Establishment dossier

This dossier may change depending on the type of business entity:

  • An application form for business registration.
  • A list of members/ share holder/ general partner.
  • Enterprise’s charter.
  • Authentication documents of individuals / organizations participating in the establishment of the Enterprise.
  • Power of attorney for Law Plus to carry out business registration procedures.

5. Compulsory steps after establishment

  • Make Enterprise’s seal
  • Initial Tax registration
  • Open a bank account.
  • Buy electronic signature.
  • Carry out procedures for tax declaration and payment online
  • Buy invoices
  • Declare and pay license tax
  • Register salary scale, insurance for employees (if any)

Should you need any detail information and supports, please reach Law Plus at email address or phone number +84 2862 779399





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