Alcohol trading in general and retailing alcohol in particular is a conditional business. According to the law, in order to be licensed for retailing of this item, business entities need to comply with certain conditions to ensure food safety and health for consumers. The following are the conditions and procedures for carrying out business entities that need to be licensed.


(According to Decree 105/2017 / ND-CP)


Requirements for retailing of alcohol

  1. The enterprise, cooperative, cooperative joint venture or household business retailing alcohol (alcohol retailer) shall be established according to regulations of law.
  2. The alcohol retailer shall be entitled to run a fixed store with a clear address.
  3. A written reference or an agreement in principle shall be made by the alcohol producer, distributor or wholesaler.
  4. Expected alcohol for sale shall satisfy food safety requirements.
  5. All requirements for fire and environmental safety shall be satisfied.


Procedures for applying for a license

Step 1: Prepare a dossier of application for a alcohol retail license

Prepare documents in accordance with current law

Step 2: Submit application for alcohol retail license

Wine retailers submit or authorize the Law to apply directly or by post or online to the Economic Sub-departments or Economic and Infrastructure Sub-departments affiliated to People’s Committees of districts/towns/provincial cities

Step 3: Processing the proposal

After receiving the dossiers of application for alcohol retail licenses of traders, the competent agencies shall examine the dossiers. In case of not having enough valid documents, within 03 days from the date of receiving the dossier, the licensing agency must make a written request for supplement.

Within 10 working days after receiving a complete and valid dossier, the competent state agency shall consider, appraise and grant a permit to the trader. In case of refusal to grant, a written reply must clearly state the reasons therefor


Application for the license for alcohol retailing shall include:

  1. A completed application form provided in the specimen No. 1 attached hereto.
  2. A copy of the certificate of enterprise/cooperative/cooperative joint venture/household business registration.
  3. A copy of the lease/borrowing agreement or documents proving legitimate use rights to expected alcohol retail store.
  4. A written reference or an agreement in principle shall be made by the alcohol producer, distributor or wholesaler.
  5. A copy of the note of the declaration of conformity or the written confirmation of the declaration of food safety (if types of alcohol are not regulated by technical regulations) for expected alcoholic drinks for sale.
  6. A written commitment made by the alcohol retailer specified the compliance with all requirements for fire and environmental safety according to regulations of law at the retail store.


Legal grounds: Decree 105/2017 / ND-CP on alcohol trading

Above are some provisions of the law on dossiers of conditions and procedures for applying for alcohol retail licenses. If you would like to know more details, please contact Law Plus.

Note: The content of advice and the legal provisions referenced in the article are at the time of consultation and may no longer be effective at the time readers read this article. Therefore, for detailed advice and implementation support, please contact Law Plus via or phone +842862779399.


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