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Enterprises usually use lawyers when the business is at risk. However, in order for a business plan to be fully implemented, avoid unwanted problems, they should have the participation of lawyers in all stages of formation and development of enterprises, specifically as follows:

1. The role of lawyer in establishing the company

When the company have just been established, lawyers can help the owner to choose the right company structure, choose locations to operate, help them operate under the law, solve some problems in registering business …

2. Role in supporting enterprises in management activities.

All annual activities of the company such as maintaining legal status, holding shareholder meetings, leadership, working with partners, arranging personnel … must comply with the provisions of the state and law. Lawyers will help enterprises operate stably and legally, reduce risks and disputes.

3. Role in protecting intellectual property of enterprises

Lawyers can help enterprises to register trademarks, inventions, business secrets … and have a strategy to protect it, bringing advantages to businesses with its competitors.

4. The role in supporting to draft contracts with partners

Compared to the case of a company drafting itself, the contract with the help of a lawyer will have stricter provisions, more suitable for each specific situation, and the most importance is ensuring compliance with the law; create many advantages for businesses.

5. Role in the personnel management of enterprises

In fact, labor contracts are a quite complex issue and can affect the company’s reputation and operations. The legal knowledge of lawyers will help enterprises have legal agreements which ensure the benefits of both the company and employees.

6. Role in supporting dispute resolution

When commercial disputes occur, internal lawyers will be the ones who provide the necessary mediation options, minimizing the dispute resolution in court for businesses.


Understanding the Customer’s need, Law Plus provides an Internal legal package that allows businesses to use Law Plus’s lawyers to provide regular legal advice, to check and control business’s legal risk in a comprehensive way. The scope of services including:

  1. Reviewing/ checking contracts, agreements;
  2. Solving labor issues or conflicts.
  3. Building contract templates and train to apply these template.
  4. Advise on solving unusual issues in the business operations;
  5. Advising and registering the necessary licenses for the business;
  6. Advise on building and reviewing all legal documentations, business policies;
  7. Advising, registering and managing intellectual property inside and outside the country;
  8. Provide legal update for the operation of the business;
  9. Periodic legal training for enterprises;
  10. Advice on building the enterprise legal risk control system (build the necessary mechanisms to identifying the risks, the necessary actions and how to manage the legal risks effectively).
  11. Consultation on settling disputes, participating in litigation;
  12. Project legal consultancy, M & A and other specialized consultancy for business leaders;

Law Plus offers service packages with different level of participation in the business for Customers to choose the suitable service package. For detailed advice and information, please contact us via phone  +84 2682 779 399 or email

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